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Timmermans Lambicus Blanche 37,5cl


There is no other beer like Blanche Lambicus anywhere in the world because it is the only white lambic beer. By adding spices such as coriander and dried orange zest, a light fruity beer is created. It is subtly spicy and deliberately made cloudy.


€  2,89

Gordon Xplosion Tequila 50cl


Gordon Xplosion Revolución is pleasant and fruity. Prepare your palate to an explosion of flavours : Tequila, lime, and a sweet bitterness.  Enjoy the Gordon Revolución, a sweet and explosive beer at the same time.  "VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN !"


€  1,79

Giftpack Waterloo


De giftpack contains 1 Waterloo Double Dark 75cl  - 1 Waterloo Triple Blond 75cl  - 2 glasses calice 


€  17,49

Gordon Xmas 33cl


The original Christmas ale, Gordon Xmas started the tradition of Christmas brews. Perfect to accompany Christmas dinners and New Year evenings. Never forget to put it under the Christmas tree ! Balance between stringent wood and sweetness.


€  1,69

Guinness Special Export 33cl


Guinness special version brewed exclusively for John Martin. The taste characteristics are similar to those traditional Irish one, but raised to a higher level that goes especially for the alcohol content of 8%, giving this beer an explosive taste. 


€  1,99

Gordon Finest Gold 33cl


This incomparable strong Scottish style lager shares the values of its clan : pride in its origins, the strength of its typical and powerful taste, and the nobility of its refinement. Gordon Finest Gold, Go On !


€  1,79

Waterloo Récolte 33cl


This refreshing seasonal beer is brewed on the battlefield of Waterloo, at the Mont-Saint-Jean farm. Its colour is blonde-combined with its light and delicate foam, the beer provides a real sensation of freshness.


€  1,69