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Maredret Monasterium Triplus

Maredret Monasterium Triplus

Discover the beers of the nuns of Maredret Abbey, a range that is brewed with spelt and plants, drawing on Hildegard von Bingen for inspiration. Spelt imparts floral, hazelnut and slightly bitter notes, in support of the strong, spicy aroma of the Triplus while adding subtle acidity. The beer owes its unique taste to the plants that are used, including coriander and sage for the Triplus.

  • Beer style
  • Flavours
  • Fermentation
  • Alcohol level

Water, hops, malt, yeast, raw grains, barley, spelt, wheat


Spring fragrance

Taste and mouthfeel

Citrus notes with a slight hint of wood


Discover the first beers of the Sisters of the Abbey of Maredret, made from spelt and plants! Spelt serves as the cornerstone of the range, adding floral, nutty and slightly bitter notes. The use of plants gives these beverages a very distinctive flavour of aromatic gardens! Let yourself be carried away by the hay and spice notes of Altus and the spring, citrus and slightly woody aroma of Triplus!

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