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Gordon Finest Chrome
Gordon Finest Beers

Gordon Finest Chrome

    With its dark-as-night packaging, Gordon Finest Chrome has all the coolness of a Scottish loch. Its authentic, sophisticated taste – lively in the attack, spreading warmth on the palate – is extremely appealing. This is a wild, robust beer (10.5% ABV) whose authentic and bold character is too fascinating for words. A beer that brings the frisson that you feel on the moors to the city, drawing on tradition to create a contemporary feel. Gordon Finest Chrome is the heir to a magnificent past, all the better to put you in touch with the future.

    • Beer style
      XXXtra strong
    • Flavours
      Red apple
    • Fermentation
    • Alcohol level

    Water, hops, malt, yeast, raw grains


    Docile on the attack, growing in strength as you taste its qualities. A beer that doesn’t reveal all its secrets straight off, spreading across the palate and the entire mouth. The dry bitterness takes hold of the middle of the tongue while the malts become more apparent on the sides. A beer that finds its force even though you think that you are in control.

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