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Geneviève de Brabant Blanche
Geneviève de Brabant

Geneviève de Brabant Blanche

A tasty white beer with a pleasant fruity taste and a smooth, creamy head that bears the name of one of our most illustrious ancestors! Blanche de Brabant, who lived in the 12th century, belonged to the dynasty of the kings of France. During the seventh crusade she served as regent. Concerned as she was with the fate of the men who went to fight the infidels in the holy land and with the wellbeing of those who stayed behind, she issued several decrees on the cultivation of wheat, among others. Blanche de Brabant, a Belgian beer that is brewed with wheat to which coriander seeds and dried orange zest have been added, pays tribute to this distinguished noblewoman.

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Water, hops, malt, yeast, raw grains


There is no denying the origin of this beer, which is made from the finest cereals and wheat for the most part, as is typical of all the best Belgian white beers. The touch of coriander, which is particularly evident in the finish, lends it a subtle acidity. Like all the other cloudy beers in this category, it is even more delicious when served with a slice of lemon.


Based on these recipes of yesteryear, Brabant Beers are a tribute to this exceptional heritagethat made the Golden Age of brewers.

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