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Which glass for which beer?

Finding the right glass to enjoy your favourite beer from has become an art, although this practice is not very old in France.

Which glass for which beer?

Which glass for which beer?

Although the adage goes “the bottle doesn’t matter as long as you’re drunk,” then it’s different for beer. Finding the right glass to enjoy your favourite beer has become an art, although this practice is not very old in France. In fact, the beer glass itself only appeared in the 19th century, when the art of perfectly shaping glass started to develop. Previously, beer was served in terracotta pots, tin, sandstone or ceramic mugs. It was only after the war that brewers began to associate their different beers with particular glasses.

However, the brewer’s main aim in choosing the shape of the glass is to amplify the flavours and aromas of their beer. The choice of glass also helps the best head to be poured for each specific beer. This foam is important because it protects the beer from oxidising and accentuates the very popular sensations in the mouth.

It is impossible here to mention all of the types of glasses that are available on the market, but let’s try to “categorise” them a little...

The straight-sided glass

Inherited from Irish pub tradition, this simple glass shaped like a large tumbler was originally used for bitter.

Where we come from, it has become the ultimate pils glass.

This long and slim tapered stemmed glass is ideal for blonde beers which, as they have a high gas content, need a high neck so that the bubbles can escape.

The tapered neck of the tulip glass also helps to concentrate the lighter bouquet of the blonde beer.

The tulip glass

The chalice

With its rounded and gathered shape reminiscent of a wine glass, this stemmed glass is particularly suited to dark beers.

Avec sa forme arrondie et ramassée rappelant celle d'un verre à vin, ce verre sur pied convient particulièrement aux bières brunes.

The snifter

The bock glass

This is the most popular glass for white beers. This sturdy flat glass that fills your hand is wide so that connoisseurs can add a slice of lemon to increase the beer’s acidity.

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